The Society was originally formed in 1946, after Romany’s death, and continued until 1965. It was re-founded in 1996, with Mr Terry Waite as Patron and Mrs Romany Watt (Romany’s daughter) as President. It was created to promote and encourage the study and appreciation of Romany, his life and works. There are over 300 members of all ages.

The Society produces regular newsletters and an annual magazine for members.
There is also an annual Society weekend, held at one of the places frequented by Romany.

Joining the Society:
IMPORTANT 2023: The Romany Society is closing. The last Society event, marking the 80th anniversary of Romany’s death, was held in Wilmslow in November 2023. 

The last Romany Society Magazine will be circulated in February/March 2024.

The website will continue to exist until a decision is made on how best to continue online information.