The Lost Half Hour

Romany’s broadcasts are introduced on the BBC Broadcasts page. Only one survives, and that has become known as the Lost Half Hour, was released as a CD a few years ago.  Unfortunately it is now (2020) sold out but we hope more stock will be available soon.

This rare recording was originally transmitted in October 1943, six weeks before Romany’s death. It has remained in archives for over 60 years and this CD is the first release to the general public.

Romany of the BBC was the UK’s first wildlife presenter. Broadcasting on radio, he reached an audience of 13 million listeners. This is the last – and only remaining – recording in existence today!


  • Introduction by ex BBC Radio Manchester John Mundy.
  • 1. Original crackle and pop version first broadcast 5th October 1943.
  • 2. Enchanted 21st century recording, with sound effects – how it would sound today!

Currently (2020) sold out, but when available the cost was £10.99 + p&p from