The original books

The colourised first edition dust-jacket of the 1938 Out With Romany Again

As ‘Romany’, G. Bramwell Evens wrote 10 books and many booklets, mostly natural history for children (other writing is discussed on the Romany’s writings page).  All can be obtained second-hand (sometimes with some determination!) and with only one recording surviving (for details visit our Lost Half Hour page) these are closest we can get to Romany’s style of natural history broadcasting.

Illustrations of many of the books, in their original, and subsequent, dustjackets are given on the Collecting the books page.

His first four books were published by the Epworth Press between 1929 and 1934:

  • 1929  A Romany in the Fields
  • 1930  A Romany and Raq
  • 1932  A Romany in the Country
  • 1934  A Romany on the Trail

The six later books were published by the University of London Press between 1937 and 1944:

  • 1937  Out with Romany 
  • 1938  Out with Romany Again
  • 1940  Out with Romany Once More
  • 1941  Out with Romany By the Sea 
  • 1942  Out with Romany by Meadow and Stream
  • 1944  Out with Romany by Moor and Dale

There were various spin-offs from these books, including the Out with Romany Calendars of the early 1940s, and various school readers – extracts from the books in limp covers designed for school use:

  • [1940-42]    The Out with Romany Calendar (University of London Press)
  • [1940]         Walks with Romany (E J Arnold ‘Broadcast Echoes’ No 25)
  • 1946-1951  The Romany Readers (University of London Press)
        • 1 Hotchi the Hedgehog
        • 2 Smut the Hare
        • 3 Flash the Fox
        • 4 Spook the Barn Owl
        • 5 Pete and Prue the Partridges
        • 6 Nick the Weasel
        • 7 Billy the Squirrel
        • 8 Sleek the Otter
The eight Romany Readers, written for schools

The eight Romany Readers, written for schools

Romany’s son, Glyn Evens, also published some Romany books, starting in 1939 with a volume by ‘Raq’, Romany’s dog.  He followed this with a Romany detective novel in 1949, and with two further Romany books in the 1950s.

  • 1939  Romany Muriel and Doris (by ‘Raq’) (University of London Press)
  • 1949  Romany Turns Detective (University of London Press)
  • 1952  Romany on the Farm (Epworth Press)
  • 1953  Romany’s Caravan Returns (Epworth Press)

Eunice Evens, Romany’s widow, published a biography of her husband in 1946.  Another tribute was published by Romany’s friend H L Gee in 1949.

  • 1946  Through the Years with Romany (University of London Press)
  • 1949  Spirit of Romany (St Hughes Press)

Many of these books, particularly the 10 by Romany himself, were reprinted many times during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  Collecting the books – both reprints and the increasingly valued first editions – is discussed on the Collecting the books page. The Society operates a book service which tries to offer as many of these second-hand publications as possible.  Second-hand book catalogues on the Internet are a good way to track down books.  

New books about Romany, or referring to Romany include Guy Loveridge’s 1995 biography of Romany (which includes many excerpts from the books), and some of Terry Waite’s recent books:

  • 1995  Romany Returns (by Guy Loveridge) (Douglas Loveridge Publications)
  • 1993  Taken on Trust (by Terry Waite) (Coronet)
  • 1996  Footfalls in Memory (by Terry Waite) (Coronet)

Other books referring to Romany include:

  • 1972  The Biggest Aspidistra in the World (by Peter Black).  (BBC Publishing)  A chapter on the BBC ‘Uncles and Aunties’ describes Romany’s part in Children’s Hour history.
  • 1997  Gypsy from the Forest (by David Lazell).  (Gwasg Bryntirion Press) This is a new biography of Gipsy Rodney Smith, Romany’s Evangelist Uncle.  It contains a passage about Romany.
  • 1900 (with many later editions) Gipsy Smith: His Life and Work, By Himself.  Autobiography of Gipsy Smith, Romany’s Evangelist Uncle.  Several references to Romany (as Bramwell Evens)
  • 1991 The Storytellers (by Simon Appleyard).  (This England Books) Contains a chapter devoted to Romany
  • 1988  BBC Children’s Hour (by Wallace Grevatt).  Contains a number of sections about Romany.
  • 1997  Romany Society Magazine Reprints.  The original Romany Society journal (1946 – 1965) has recently been reprinted by Macclesfield Borough Council in one volume.

There is also a video, based on a recent regional television programme about Romany:

  • 1999  A Romany in Cumberland (Border TV/Arena Broadcast) Striding Edge VHS.

Notes on obtaining all these (new and old!) are given on the Collecting the books page.

Several new books about, or in the style of, Romany have been published by Romany Society members in recent years. Some facsimile reprints of Romany’s own books for children are also available. A few of the original books area also available as audio-books, read by Terry Waite. These are all discussed on the New books and reprints page.


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