The first Romany book, pre-dating his BBC work, with the original cover calling him 'The Tramp' rather than 'Romany of the BBC'

The first Romany book (1929), pre-dating his BBC work, with the original cover calling him ‘The Tramp’ rather than ‘Romany of the BBC’

Original books: As ‘Romany’, G. Bramwell Evens wrote 10 books and many booklets, mostly natural history for children (other writing is discussed on the Romany’s writings page). A full listing is given on the Original books page

All can be obtained second-hand (sometimes with some determination!) and with only one recording surviving (for details visit our Lost Half Hour page) these are closest we can get to Romany’s style of natural history broadcasting.

Illustrations of many of the books, in their original, and subsequent, dustjackets are given on the Collecting the books page.

More recent books: Several new books about, or in the style of, Romany have been published by Romany Society members in recent years. Some facsimile reprints of Romany’s own books for children are also available. A few of the original books area also available as audio-books, read by Terry Waite.

Descriptions of the titles currently available are given on  the New books and reprints page.

Collecting the books: All the original Romany books can still be bought second-hand – provided you are determined and, for some volumes, have patience. Many were reprinted in some quantity and reprints with or without dust-jackets can be fairly easily found. The first and early editions, especially those complete with dust-jackets are the most difficult to find, and are often expensive.

Illustrations of most of the books, both in original and reprint bindings are given on the Collecting the books page.

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