The Romany Society was originally formed in 1946 and continued until 1965.  It was re-founded in 1996, with Mr Terry Waite as Patron and Mrs Romany Watt (Romany’s daughter) as President.

It was created to promote and encourage the study and appreciation of Romany of the BBC, his life and works.  There are over 300 members of all ages.

Winter 2015/2016 News: Production of the 2015 Romany Magazine has been delayed due to illness and computer problems, but we hope to be circulating it around Easter time in 2016. 

Our 2016 AGM is on Saturday 14th May, at Wilmslow Library Meeting Room, Wilmslow, South Drive SK9 1NW. 9.30 for 10.00 am start, finishing at 12 noon.

SAD NEWS April 2015: We regret to announce that Romany’s daughter, Romany June Watt, died on 29th March 2015. Her funeral was held on April 9th at St Mary’s Church, Olveston, near Bristol. The Society was represented by Derick Wood (our Chairman) and Jonathan Briggs. An obituary, written by Ben Watt, her youngest son, is available on the Guardian’s website. Click HERE to visit that page.

For news about this year’s events visit our 2015 events page.